Monday, November 5, 2012


I've been trying to take some computer-free days, so I am going to play catch up on here for my month of thankfulness.

For day three, I was thankful for the beautiful fall weather. I actually like winter which I know makes me not only weird, but in the minority, BUT fall is my very favorite season. Maybe it's because I have lived in a household that has revolved around the school calendar, but fall to me speaks of new beginnings. The muggy, hot days of summer are over. There is a crispness in the air that encourages new plans and activity and the turning over of new leaves. I love the smell of wood smoke, the need for a sweatshirt and the return of cozy sweaters and jeans. (hey, I don't tan so shorts are NOT my friend!).

Heck, I'm thankful for seasons, period. I know that God would give me contentment even if I lived in a place that did not have definite seasons, but it wouldn't be my first choice. There is something about the ending of one season that makes you so thankful for the next season. Spring wouldn't be half so enjoyable if it wasn't preceded by the cold days of winter.

For day four, I was thankful for good friends. Not just friends who are fun to laugh with or are nice, but true friends who care enough about you to be honest with you - even if it stings a bit (faithful are the wounds of a friend and all that). Friends who care enough to cry with you when you're hurting and rejoice with you when good things are happening to you. Friends who care enough to pray for you and uplift you even when you can't seem to pray yourself.

I am so blessed to have a number of those true friends in my life. While we are all busy with kids and schedules and what have you, we are still there for each other. I know they have my back, and I hope they know I have theirs. :)

Today, day 5, I am thankful for my job. There are sometimes when the weekly deadlines get to me. There are times when things sort of fall apart - the photographer doesn't show up or the pictures don't turn out (or get stolen - which actually happened!) or the editor pulls a sudden switcharoo that leaves me scrambling. Then, there are the weeks when I look at the calendar and have no earthly idea what I should write about next, but the bottom line is that even on the stressful days, I get to do what I love.

I get to meet some extraordinary people whose stories have left a lasting impression on me. I get to work at home in my sweats, taking breaks to play with my dog or eat chocolate. Mostly, I'm grateful that I can be home to be available to my kids or my husband or my family or my friends if they need me. To me, that is definitely a win-win thing.

If you haven't joined in on 30 Days of Thankfulness, it's not too late to start. Jump in and share what YOU'RE thankful for these days!
~ Blessings, Bronte

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