Sunday, November 11, 2012


I know, I'm way behind. That's why I'm breaking my "no computer on Sunday rule," and listing the things I'm thankful for this week.

On Wednesday, Nov. 7, I was thankful that God loved me. His love is something I sometimes have a hard time getting my mind wrapped around. It's not even that I don't deserve it - it's that it's GOD who loves me. The God of the universe, who created everything - and He loves and cares about me. I'm also thankful that He assures me that nothing can separate me from that love.

On Thursday, Nov. 8, I had a very, very busy day. I ended up interviewing six people. Now I really like people and all, but six is a lot in one day. One of the men I interviewed grew up in Kenya, Africa. The poverty he described was beyond my comprehension. When he talked about having nothing, he wasn't referring to not being able to afford cable and latest techno gadget. He literally had nothing. So, on Thursday, I was thankful anew for material things I've been blessed with - things like hot water, a working toilet, a bed to sleep in, blankets and pillows, not to mention a computer, two cars and the numerous other things we've been blessed with. It's true that sometimes the budget gets a bit tight, but at least I have something with which to budget. In this country, the vast majority of us have no idea what true poverty really is!

On Friday, Nov. 9, I put a pork roast in my crockpot and realized how thankful I am that someone invented the crockpot. I know that's a very mundane thing to be thankful for, but my crockpot let's me put a hot meal on the table even if I have a very busy day. I'm thankful for all the modern conveniences like dishwashers, washers, dryers and the like. I'm not much of a domestic goddess, so while I enjoyed reading about Little House on the Prairie, I don't think I'd actually want to live there!

On Saturday, Nov. 10, I was out and about. Part of the day, I spent with my mom at a ladies' tea her church was doing at a cute little place in Ottawa-Glandorf called Touches. Then there was an auction at our school. In the evening, I spent my time baking for the week - one of which I burned because I set the pan on a burner I had left on. This just goes to show, I am definitely not very domestically inclined! In all that busyness, my kids were laughing and having fun. My youngest had a friend spend the night and I could hear them cackling away from down the hall. I am very thankful for the fact that my kids are laughing and having fun. When you read of these children with cancer or other major issues, it's sobering. Life can change in the blink of an eye, so I am thankful that my boys are healthy and whole at this moment.

On Sunday, Nov. 11, I am getting ready to head out to church. I am thankful for my church and the fact that I live in a country where I can attend church without fearing the ramifications. I don't worry that I'll be bombed while I sing worship songs or that officials will burst in and cart me off to jail. Sometimes I can take church and the body of believers that attend there for granted, but our church family, they are the people who help us practically when we have tough times. So, today, I am thankful for my church.

As November rolls along, what are you thankful for? Are you taking the time to stop and really thank God for His many blessings? I can say that taking the time to do this changes my whole perspective. I find myself thanking God throughout the day for the small and mundane things, as well as the big things. A thankful attitude makes me happier. While that's not the main reason to cultivate a thankful heart, it sure is a nice by product!
~ Blessings, Bronte

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