Sunday, November 18, 2012


Yes, I know - once again I'm behind. I kept meaning to get to this and then I would forget or someone needed the computer or - well, you get the idea.

On Day 15 I chose to be thankful for my husband, Bruce. There are very few people in this world with true integrity, but I'm lucky enough to have a husband that espouses that very virtue.

I wrote a whole post about the 20 things I love about him, so I won't bore you with a lot of repetition. I will say he is a great husband and father. Jesus said to lead you need to serve. In my eyes, that makes my husband a truly great leader!

On Day 16 I chose to be thankful for my Bible. I was on a mom's board and was listing all the different translations that I own. I realized how very spoiled I am. Many people around the world have given their lives to own a Bible or to keep the one they had. There are over 6000 languages and only 2000 linguistic translations. For some believers, a Bible in their own language is still an unfulfilled dream.

I remember a radio program I heard with this woman that was from the former USSR. Their small village came into the possession of one Bible. They tore it up and passed out a few pages to each person, and oh how cherished those few pages were. Yet, in the U.S., the statistics say that less than 25% of those that profess to be believers read or study their Bibles in any meaningful way. So, I am so thankful for my Bible. It gives me comfort; it encourages me; it convicts me. I would be like a rudderless ship without it!

On Day 17, I chose to be thankful for something very mundane - a full night's sleep. However, if you have a newborn or suffer from insomnia (often mistaken for the same thing! lol), you know what a blessing a full night's sleep actually is. I have had this tickly cough for the past few weeks which has majorly interrupted my sleep at night. On Friday, for the first time in many weeks, I slept all the way through the night. I was truly thankful!!

On Day 18, today, I'm thankful for my Sunday school class. What a great group of women they are - always willing to listen to me and try to absorb whatever I happen to be teaching. We pray for one another and encourage each other, too.

Christian life was not meant to be lived in a vacuum. We NEED fellow believers with which to journey. I am so thankful for the group God has blessed me with. It's a real privilege to teach them - and I probably learn a lot more than I teach, to be completely honest.

Finally, I'll add one more thing. I was driving home from my parents' house, and I saw the most gorgeous fall sky. It was like someone had taken a paintbrush and swirled it across the glowing sky. Beauty is not something God HAD to create - He could have made a world that worked just fine but was bland and utilitarian. But He didn't. Instead, He chose to bless us with incredible beauty each and every day in just our sunrises and sunsets (I see more of the latter than the former!).

So, I am grateful for God's creativity and the beauty He chose to include in this world for our enjoyment!

I hope you are finding things around you for which to be thankful - even the mundane things are worth stopping to say a quick thank you for!

~ Blessings, Bronte

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