Saturday, January 14, 2012


We had our first real snow Thursday night into Friday. Of course, that constituted about two inches of snow. Unlike my dear husband, who informed me he was already over winter, I was excited. I love winter and I love snow - granted, maybe I'd feel differently if I was responsible for shoveling it. lol

Today, I took my dog for a long walk. Yesterday, it was even too cold for me to walk the dog. Once it gets under about 16 degrees, I'm done. I laced up my boots, bundled up and headed out the door.

Kipper loves snow too. (he is the perfect dog for me!) He was having the best time kicking up his heels and snuffling his long nose into the fluff for scents and just for fun, I think. :)

The thing I notice about the world when it snows is everything seems muffled. It's like everything is wrapped in wool batting and there is a hush laid over regular life. I'm not sure if this is my imagination or some kind of atmospheric thing, but I notice it every time I go out after a big snowfall.

As I walked up the curve, I stopped to lean over the rail and look into the small sewer drainage ditchy thingy - not sure what you call it, but there is a small stream of water that runs through there. I noticed earlier this fall that there are little schools of fish in that bit of water.

The first time I saw them, I about fell over the rail in my surprise and excitement (and yes, it does not take a whole lot to entertain me!). At first, I thought it was the trick of the light, but no, there were the tiny silvery fish, maybe a half to one inch long, darting along the vegetation at the bottom of the water. I was enchanted, to be honest.

I was impressed that life had found a way to persist despite the less than stellar environment it found itself in. It brought to mind a picture I once saw of a small, bent and twisted tree that was clinging to a rock on the side of a granite sided mountain. It was hanging from what looked like pure rock, the only green thing in a vast landscape of grey rock. Apparently, there was a small sliver of soil for it to push its roots into, and so it lived.

So, today, when I walked by the creek thing, I peered over the rail. I thought surely the fish would not survive the very cold temperatures in the very shallow depth of water. I stared for a long time, but then I saw it - a flash of silver darting at the bottom.

It was somehow very uplifting to see life persist despite the circumstances. Over and over again, I marvel at the many lessons and pictures God presents to us in the natural world.

"The heavens declare Your handiwork"... Ain't that the truth?

~ Blessings, Bronte

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