Thursday, March 12, 2009


Do you ever feel like you take one step forward, only to then slide two steps back? It's been that kind of month for me. It seems that we have had one illness after another at our house. One of us gets well, only for another one to fall. It's almost funny. Almost.

It was my turn this week. I had the dreaded stomach flu. As that sort of thing goes, it could have been worse. Of course, I'd much have preferred not to have any sickness at all! Last week, it was my youngest son, Brody's turn. Again. Poor kid.

On Friday, I have my appointment with the cardiologist. It has been up and down for me with the worrying thing. Every ache or twinge is an opportunity to get completely freaked out. I'll be glad to go and see what is what.

I'll be honest when I say, I am discouraged. Once again, I look at my goals and what I want to get done. I don't see much progress. I was just getting into the groove of eating right and feeling the benefits. Now it will be another week before I feel normal again. With all the illness, whatever writing I am doing is sporadic at best. I'm tired. Done. Stick a fork in me done, actually.

But when I feel empty, like I just can't give anymore to anyone, God reminds me of His well that never runs dry. "Come unto me all you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Take my yoke on you for my burden is light." So I'm hanging on to that. That God's grace is everlasting and His mercies are new every morning.
~ Blessings, Bronte

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