Saturday, January 17, 2009

Floating in cyberspace

For some reason, this, my first blog post feels a little bit scary. I feel like I am floating out in cyberspace and part of me wonders if anyone will really want to read anything I have to say. This blog is going to be part journal, part devotionals, part journey of becoming "free indeed." The Bible says that Christ came to make us free indeed. While I have grown a lot in the past 7 years (when I got really serious about knowing Christ, not just reading about Him), I realized the other day that I have been living defeated.

I have a lot of fears. I admit it and am struggling to overcome it. One of my biggies is the fear of being stuck. Do you ever feel stuck? I do. Time wanders by and it seems that nothing really changes. All the things I WANT to change, I don't. Six months, a year, two years go by and I am no closer to any of my goals, haven't even done much to accomplish those goals. I am still overweight. I'm still not making regular time to write. I have the same issues with my church and my husband and.... The list goes on..

The thing is though that Christ has already won the battle. I don't have to live defeated and resigned. So, this is the year I get unstuck. This is the year that I will be different and I will change. Maybe tomorrow, I'll post my goals for this year.

I'll leave you with this quote of A.W. Tozer that spoke to me today. "A rut is when we have reached the place where what has been determines what is, and what is determines what will be." Here's to getting out of the rut and getting on with living!


  1. welcome to the wonderful world of blogging :)
    change is always possible

  2. big waves from Yakky :) Blogging is an awesome way to process things and share your thoughts along the way :)