Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Today we are supposed to write a letter to other God-sized dreamers. To be honest, when I first saw this assignment, I kind of wrinkled my nose. As someone who hasn't realized my own dream, I was wondering what in the world did I have to say that could spur someone else on?

But then I started to think about how being not just a dreamer, but a dream pursuer is hard. Sometimes, encouragement comes just by knowing you aren't alone on the journey.

Dear Dreamer,
I want to thank you for dreaming in the first place. It's hard to be a dreamer in this world. Either you feel like you are all alone or that you are part of such a big crowd, that you just don't matter.

But you do.

Because the thing is, the world desperately needs YOUR story - whatever it is. God created you; He has plans for you. Even if you failed. Even if you think that your story could never help anyone. Even if you think you are too broken or messed up to ever make a difference, never mind have a God-sized dream.

The truth is, God can use anything and anyone - if they just give it all over to Him. If you look through the Bible, God used a lot of very flawed, messy, broken people to accomplish His will for this world.

Abraham - who told everyone his wife was his sister. Moses - who killed a man in cold blood, hid in the desert and then argued that God couldn't possibly know what He was talking about because there was no way, he (Moses) could talk to Pharaoh or lead anyone anywhere. Jacob - who had multiple wives and was a liar to boot. Then there is David - you know, the guy who slept with someone else's wife and then killed him to cover it up.

What about the women in the Bible? Tamar who seduced her father in law dressed as a prostitute, or Rahab, a real prostitute or Ruth, the Moabitess - all were part of Jesus' lineage. Mentioned by name.

Yet, God used them all. He gave them each a God-sized dream and then helped them to fulfill it.

Each person's dream, the way God made them and the desires He put into his or her heart is different. Dreams come in all shapes and sizes.

But what is the same is that God is rooting for you to succeed. I remember listening to a speaker (and I'm so sorry but I can't remember who it is because it was a while ago) and she had a special needs child.

This child did not reach milestones like the other kids. She struggled to do the most basic of things. One day, the little girl sat up - by herself.

While most children her age had long since passed this milestone, her mom was thrilled with her. She clapped her hands, singing out, "That's my girl!"

Sitting up meant so much to that mom because she knew how hard it was for her daughter. She recognized the struggle this seemingly simple thing was for her little girl to accomplish.

So many times, we act like God is up in heaven, tapping His foot impatiently at our fumbling attempts to get things right down here on earth. When we finally do, we think He sighs and rolls His eyes, saying, "It's about time!"

But no- He's clapping His hands and saying "That's my girl!" Because He knows how hard it is for us. He's aware of what being human means.

"For He knows our frame and He is mindful we are but dust." Psalms 34:14

God loves you. He has plans for you. Nobody can tell YOUR story, and somebody NEEDS to hear it - whatever it is.

And when you finally step across into your Promised Land, rest assured that God will be waiting - a huge smile on His face, saying, "That's my girl! Way to go!"

Blessings, Bronte (a fellow dreamer)


  1. Wise words. Thank you for the Psalm. I used Psalm 40 in my post today! We were near each other in the Word and on Holley's page! Love your backdrop too by the way! Beautiful! My God sized dream is not evolving too far yet either...prayer and patience.

  2. "I want to thank you for dreaming in the first place. It's hard to be a dreamer in this world." Yes and amen!