Sunday, September 30, 2012


Life is interesting. In the past few months, I have applied for 16 different jobs. I got one job offer from a very nice man who knows me at church. However, because the job would require working every weekend, my dear husband didn't want me to take it. (I was secretly relieved, to be completely honest).

I even applied for a job where I used to work. They didn't even call me for an interview. That one stung a bit.

I'm beginning to get the idea that, perhaps, God wants me right where I am at the moment which is writing two articles for our local newspaper and at home.

It's like God has given me the gift of time.

After last year, when I was running so much, I often felt like I could see the back of myself going as I was coming, feeling completely stressed out and so busy I wasn't doing anything well, this time is like an oasis of peace.

There have been issues. Our roof is leaking and perilously close to caving in at one spot (unfortunately, it's right over our only toilet which could be interesting!). Our dryer had to be repaired. We had some red tape with our health insurance that caused a few stressful days.

But I've been present. Right now, I am getting ready for a garage sale. I'm also looking around my home and giving myself permission to spend some time (and maybe a little of that garage sale money) to decorate. I have to admit Pinterest has me itching to see what I can create with coffee filters, duct tape and yarn. lol I even saw a great design for burlap curtains. Don't laugh - they were super cute!

Besides the blessing of being here for my family, the biggest benefit of this extra time is the gift of writing time. I just don't have any more excuses.

To be honest, one of the biggest hurdles I face in writing is that I enjoy it so much but I wonder how big of an impact writing a story makes. After all, if you are a doctor or a nurse or a teacher - well, you are making a difference in people's lives every day. How does a mystery or a short story - no matter how good- make a real difference? How does it help people, anyway? Sometimes, I have a hard time believing that I'm not just indulging myself by writing, and there is eternal worth in writing a story.

Then, God whopped me upside the head.

I have been listening to the book The Help. I saw and liked the movie, but the book, well, it's wonderful.

It's a book about the importance of letting people tell their stories - how a book While the book is fictions, it drove home to me that stories are important. They can convey a truth better than any self-help book. After all, Jesus used parables or stories to share great truths, too. Throughout history, storytelling has passed on history, lessons, and truth.

It also hit me, that if God created me a story teller, there is worth in that because, well, God doesn't make mistakes, now does He?

There is power in storytelling. I think everyone can remember a book they've read that changed them in some way. It's hard to think that anything I write could ever change the way someone thinks about the world or themselves, but who knows? They say the pen is mightier than the sword, and truth is stranger than fiction. :)

It's not what God asks us to do - it's the fact that He asks at all.
~ Blessings, Bronte

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