Monday, May 28, 2012


I hate to complain - I really do, but does anyone else feel slightly overwhelmed by the number of good things available via the internet?

I mean, there are all these wonderful blogs and websites with great ideas on mothering, wife-ing (I know that isn't really a word!), saving, cleaning - both the traditional way and the eco-friendly way, simplifying, going organic, going whole food, organizing, growing spiritually, finding a million uses for a lemon or vinegar, and I could keep going. You get the idea.

I love that all this available with the click of a button. I hate all this is available with the click of the button.

Do I really need 10 pinterest boards? Will I miss out if I don't have time to pin today? On the other hand, what a great way to organize things in one place.

Of course, I actually have to check my recipe board to get anything out of it. I have to write down the steps for that great new gardening tip and implement it for it to be of any use. Did I mention I only have 2 tomato plants planted at this point?

Sometimes, I just wish the influx of information would just stop for a minute - or at least slow down.

Maybe this is a sign of age - after all, I will be 40 in less than a year - but I really hate that feeling of having to constantly run to keep up on all the new ideas and then feeling guilty for not actually using the ideas that I find.

I'd love to make all my cleaners from natural ingredients in the cupboard.
I'd love to grow all my own produce and perhaps can the extra while I'm at it.
I'd love to figure out how to pare my budget down to almost nothing.
I'd love to simplify my life so my priorities were actually on my daily to-do list.
I'd love to only feed my family whole foods.
I'd love to make all our personal care items myself from healthy ingredients.

Unfortunately, Alice does not live at my house.

It's just me - a woefully inadequate domestic goddess (and I'm using that word with tongue in cheek). I'm lucky if I find time to scrub the toilet, have basic groceries in the house (since I currently have one bottomless pit named Brock living here) and have clean clothes for everyone to wear. It's a bonus if I can get a real dinner on the table and walk the dog every day.

In the midst of the chaos and the noise and the hustle and bustle, a quiet voice calls to me - "Be still and know that I am God."

The internet can be a good thing. It can bring convenience and information with the click of a mouse button, but a good thing can also become a distracting thing.

I read somewhere once that in order to live the life God calls us to, we have to develop the discernment to leave the good, so we can find the best.

What good thing do you have to let go of so that you can "be still know that He is God?"

~ Blessings, Bronte

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