Monday, February 21, 2011


I think I started telling stories out of self-preservation. When I went to school, there was none of this "if it's below freezing you stay inside for recess." We went out - no matter how cold it was. So often, we girls would huddle by the wall in a clump, trying to stay warm.

I found a way to be in the center of the huddle - always warm. I would tell stories. Like Shehazarade, I kept the other girls grouped around me while I, with my back to the wall and warm bodies surrounding me, kept the cold at bay by spinning tales.

For as long as I can remember, I've loved to read - didn't matter what type of story, it would pull me in. I love stories still - whether books or movies - I can find myself walking by the kids' movie and end up standing there with dust rag or folded laundry forgotten in my hands as I get pulled into the story.

Maybe this is why I've always wanted to write - the true joy of a good tale. Let's face it, for a very long time in human history, story was the way that history, morals, and lessons took place. A mother could tell her child not to wander in the woods alone because it was dangerous, but how much more effective to share the story of Hansel and Gretel to get the point across?

Even Jesus shared truths wrapped up in stories. Who of us who have gotten off the path can forget the power of the Prodigal Son? The word picture of the seeds thrown on different types of ground has us vowing not to be the hard or thorny ground.

Stories have power. Stories reach us when plain facts or statistics never will. How many times have you heard about the poor and hungry children in other countries, but ah, when you put a face and an individual child's story with those facts and statistics, suddenly our hearts are engaged.

Growing up, the fictional people in my life had great influence over me. I loved the series Anne of Green Gables and Anne was a guiding light in my teenage years. She kept me from doing things I might have otherwise tried but for the fact, "that wasn't something Anne would do!"

I suppose that is why I have the desire to write not just things like Bible studies or articles for a newspaper - I want to help people. And let's face, a story can deliver a lesson -while we are entertained and enthralled - in a way no straight forward lecture ever can.

After a busy few months taken up with learning two news jobs and dealing with illness and a variety of other things, I have decided to get serious about writing. Since a workshop or conference are out of the budget, I am doing my own version. For 90 minutes every day, I will do a lesson out of two different books to hone my craft. I have the germ of a story idea and I hope through these lessons to get things rolling. Maybe some day, the people I create will help someone else along their way.

As they say, "The pen IS mightier than the sword."
~ Blessings, Bronte

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  1. What are these books?! Do share :)