Sunday, January 17, 2010


So, I said I would tell you all the second thing that happened to me. It was a very interesting encounber I had at McDonald's, of all places. I was sitting there eating my pancakes and doing my Bible study when I hear someone say rather awkwardly, "Are you reading a, uh, Bible?"

Startled, I looked up to see an older man with grey hair and a beard, and said, "Pardon me?"

He said, "Is that a Bible you are reading?" I answered yes, and he started talking to me. He showed me this very thick notebook, explaining that he was translating the Bible from English into Italian. I thought the notebook he was holding was the entire Bible but it was actually only the book of Luke. His goal was that his grandchildren would be able to learn Italian from reading the Bible. He had been working on translating idioms and phrases that would be hard for the average English speaker to pick up in Italian. You could tell by the way he talked, that he loved the Bible. It was a neat conversation and an interesting meeting.

Then before he left, he looked me right in the eye and said, "I just wanted to say that reading the Bible is the best investment of time you can make. God bless you." Then he left.

I was left with this feeling that God had reached down to say, "Good job - keep up the good work." God used someone else, someone I didn't even know, to encourage me. God's cool like that.

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