Saturday, August 29, 2009

Me, Myself and Lies

That was the name of the Bible study I just finished. I've started this new thing where I sit down and try to figure out what I learned during each Bible study. In the past, it seemed like as I was going through I'd be getting illuminations and light bulbs turning on, but then by the end I couldn't remember every important thing God showed me. So, to remedy that, I'm trying to write it down.

This Bible study was about what we talk to ourselves about on a regular basis. I do talk to myself alot and sadly, often answer myself too! So, here is what I learned over the course of seven weeks of study.

1. It doesn't have to be well with my circumstances to be well with my soul.
2. God has given me a spirit not only of love and power but also of discipline! (what a relief to know I don't have to rely on my own!!!)
3. I need to know my identity in Christ - how God sees me because that is the truth. Only God's truth is a worthy foundation of my thoughts/feelings.
4. I need to be more award of my weak spots/triggers than the enemy.
5. False assumptions and perceptions are roots to rotten fruit in my life.
6. The root of grumbling/complaining is usually selfishness.
7, Keeping God in the center of my thoughts requires effort through talk to myself about Him, lift Him up and not me!
8. Lies often feel true and every thing I feel is not always true!
9. I need to trust God more than my fears, insecurities or feelings.
10. My hope is in Christ. Hope in God, His word, His lovingkindness is what keeps me anchored and stable. Hope in a person, circumstance or event makes me shaky and drifting.
11. Perserverence is especially important after a victory or when I am feeling emotionally or physically depleted.
12. Hope comes through perserverence and the encouragement of God's Word.

So, there is it is - the dozen truths that stood out to me through this Bible study. It's interesting because it seems these ideas of my feelings/perceptions not always being true is something I have been hit with again and again in the past six months. I think God is trying to tell me something, don't you?
~Blessings, Bronte

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