Saturday, January 15, 2011


I was preparing for my Bible lesson for this week's Sunday School class - Romans 12: 3-8. Talk about feeling a bit over my head. After studying, I decided to look up some commentaries because I wanted to be sure I wasn't out in left field or anything. After looking at the list of writings, all with impressive credentials, I felt sort of out of my league.

Normally, I use the NASB version of the Bible - it's my favorite. My oldest son, Brock, uses a KJV. That is his favorite. Anyway, I picked up his study Bibe and flipped it open to the appropriate passage so I could use my Strong's Concordance to look up some of the words in the original Greek.

Imagine my surprise to see the very verse I was looking for underlined all ready. For some reason, it brought tears to my eyes. I think it is because I can see how Brock tries to live out those verses in his own life.

As someone who doesn't describe herself a necessarily maternal, I often feel overwhelmed and out of my league in the job of mothering. I also realize that I can only do so much - I can teach and guide and disciple - but then my sons have to pick that up and keep carrying it with them. It struck me rather forcefully not that long ago, that at 12 years old, most of my direct parenting is over. From now on, my control will get looser allowing Brock to make his own choices and sometimes mistakes.

It was a huge, very unexpected blessing to me to see how God is working in my son's life, to know that God is answering my prayers that my boys love His Word. I'm sure that both Brock and Brody will have rough patches and fall down on this journey into adulthood, but if they keep loving the Word, they can't go too far wrong.

Isn't it so good of God to give us encouragement along the way? I know I am so thankful for this unexpected blessing He showed me!

~ Blessings, Bronte

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